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Executive Committee

 Position  Name    Phone No    Email address  Profile
 President   Mark Highfield   0417 448 223   president[at]carlingfordbaseball.com.au View
 Vice President (Juniors)   Steve Rosevear   0410 563 001   juniorsvp[at]carlingfordbaseball.com.au View
 Vice President (Seniors)   Peter Handel   0417 757 001   seniorsvp[at]carlingfordbaseball.com.au View
 Secretary    Rebecca Male     secretary[at]carlingfordbaseball.com.au View
 Treasurer   Lisa Rosevear     treasurer[at]carlingfordbaseball.com.au View
 Registrar   Stu Bysouth     registrar[at]carlingfordbaseball.com.au 

General Committee

 Position  Name   Phone No  Email address  Profile
 Grounds Manager

 Jason Ettridge

 Assistant Grounds Officer  Mark Power  
 Assistant Grounds Officer  Denis Piccolo   View
 Grounds Officer - Muirfield  Garry Butler    
 Equipment Manager  Denis Piccolo


 Canteen Manager  Kim Balcombe
 Uniform Manager  Sam Cusbert
 uniforms[at]carlingfordbaseball.com.au View
 Assistant Uniform Manager  Kim Balcombe  
 Membership Development Manger  Position Vacant      
 T-Ball Coordinator  Andrew Borg    aussietball[at]carlingfordbaseball.com.au View
 T-Ball Crew  Joanne Henderson      
 Umpire Development  Duncan Boileau 


 Umpire Coordinator  Mark Highfield     View
 Coaching Coordinator  Jake Boileau
 Junior Team Recorder  Cherisse Robinson    results[at]carlingfordbaseball.com.au View
 PCBL Delegate Seniors  Brad Clark    pcbl_delegate[at]carlingfordbaseball.com.au  
 SMBL Delegate Seniors

 Stuart Bysouth

 SMBL Delegate Seniors (Alternate)  Peter Handel
 Hills Delegate Juniors  Steve Rosevear
 hills_delegate[at]carlingfordbaseball.com.au View
 Hills Delegate Juniors (Alternate)  Mark Highfield
 Public Officer  Mark Power
 admin[at]carlingfordbaseball.com.au View
 Auditor  John Butt      
 Social Media Officer  Lyndal Roberts
 social[at]carlingfordbaseball.com.au View
 Social Committee  Robyn Gosper      
 Social Committee  Kerri O'Shannassy     View
 Communications Officer  Kerri O'Shannassy    newsletter[at]carlingfordbaseball.com.au View
 Fundraising Committee

 Joshua Schimanski

 Sponsorship Coordinator  Jaye Rust    sponsorship[at]carlingfordbaseball.com.au View 
 Member Protection Information Officer  Stu Bysouth    mpio[at]carlingfordbaseball.com.au  
 General Committee  Brad Clark    
 General Committee  Frank Tallaridi     View
 Webmaster  Duncan Boileau  ‬  web[at]carlingfordbaseball.com.au View
 Assistant Webmaster  Andrew Borg      View

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Duncan Boileau - Webmaster : Andrew Borg - Assistant Webmaster

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