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Tee Ball is run on community spirit, where communities and families come together for the shared love of sport and for the benefit of children.Tee Ball offers a fantastic game to introduce children to physical activity in a safe, non-contact, fun environment.
As a parent you can be guaranteed that your child will be participating in a safe, fun, well-run activity.

This summer we are offering an exciting entry level program for children, aged 5-6, who want to try the wonderful world of Tee Ball and Baseball. Our in-house program, based at Murray Farm Reserve, runs on Friday afternoons (5:30 PM -7:00 PM) from October to December (School Term 4).

 What is Tee Ball?

  • Tee Ball is an exciting new, modified version of baseball for children aged 5-6
  • Sessions combine a structured, fun-based skills development with non-competitive match play
  • The focus is on maximum involvement and fun
  • Children of all abilities get an equal chance to participate
  • It is a six-a-side, bat and ball game that is all about being active and having FUN
  • Children get to practice the foundation skills of throwing, catching, hitting and running that are required for baseball and many other sports
  • All playing and safety equipment is supplied

When will Tee Ball be held?

  • Sessions will run from 60-90 minutes, once per week
  • Our in-house program is based at Murray Farm Reserve – no travelling!!
  • We will be running a flexible program, commencing October and running through to December.
  • New players, friends and family can join the program at any time

What is included in Registration?

  • all registration and insurances
  • access to all of our programs, from October - December
  • a fun-filled Participation Pack which includes
    • Glove
    • Ball
    • Carlingford Baseball Cap
    • Aussie T Ball T Shirt
    • other goodies

How do we find out more?

We recommend you download our informative Aussie T Ball FAQ

Contact our President on 0417 448 223 or by email at


A great dedicated team of coaching staff.  I witnessed so much improvement in all the kids over a short time.  My six year old daughter now loves going along to match me play and I hope IO can keep going long enough to play next to her in the years to come - G

Coaching was fantastic! - B

This is a great little club, very welcoming people, and great exercise and team building experiences for the kids. Highly recommended - M

Thanks very much for Borgy, coaches and everyone in Carlingford Aussie Tee Ball. We really enjoyed it and can’t wait for the next season.  - DM

Very positive overall. My grandson has benefited from being involved. - R

Aussie TBall is a great way to introduce your child to Baseball. Not only does it encourage good hand and eye co ordination, it promotes good sportsmanship in a fun atmosphere. Learning to be a Team player builds a child’s confidence, I know this as I’ve been lucky to have had 4 children benefit from Carlingford Baseball’s fantastic Aussie TBall program, and those same children have gone on to play Saturday Competition with the Club, with the friends they made at Aussie TBall. Aussie TBall is a Family oriented program where you can meet other Parents, and enjoy a Sausage Sizzle with the whole family. And the packs are fantastic! The get a glove ready to use and I one they can use for Saturday Competitions. Great Job Coaches and Carlngford Baseball Club!! - K

Duncan Boileau - Webmaster : Andrew Borg - Assistant Webmaster

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